It is common knowledge that exercise is a vital part of a healthy lifestyle, yet according to, 80% of Americans do not get as much exercise as recommended. One of the various reasons many individuals fail to spend as much time and energy exercising is the misconception that one must go out to a gym in order to stay in shape. However, there are numerous, effective ways anyone can practice in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

One tip is to split your exercise routine into shorter, more frequent segments throughout your day. Some people may prefer to get it over with at once, so that they can move on to their other plans and tasks for the day. By breaking your routine into quick workouts, it becomes much easier to squeeze the exercise into your schedule. Not everyone will have the spare time to set aside half an hour for running or push-ups, so by finding a few moments scattered throughout the day, it is still possible to rack up a healthy amount of exercise time. Even a few brief sit-ups every couple hours will add up in the end.

Another piece of advice that may liven up your fitness routine is to occasionally switch up the individual exercises and training that you undergo. If one were to repeat the same tedious workout at the same time for days or weeks, it’s unsurprising that it slowly turns into a chore to be dreaded and sometimes avoided. Yet if those days are mixed up and the workouts alternate or routinely change, that boredom and hesitation will be far less likely to get in the way. For example, on the first day, the workout of choice could be a simple jog around the block; if the next day is instead a set of jumping jacks or even yoga, that irregularity can make all the difference. This helps avoid the feeling of simply going through the same old motions.

A simple, yet underrated tactic is to set small goals, such as a certain number of steps or miles to complete by the end of the day. This helps to encourage further exercise habits and is a convenient way to track progress. A sense of accomplishment often follows the pride of finishing an exhausting walk. It can make all the difference to have some type of reassurance that after all of the strain and sweating, a target was reached and progress is being made.

Staying in shape while staying home can be a challenge. Despite those obstacles, with determination and discipline anyone can build a steady fitness plan. A gym is always a tempting and convenient option for those who have time, but equipment can be bought for home use as well and furthermore, many workouts can be done that require no equipment at all. Though the chaos and clutter of day to day life can seem overwhelming and almost impossible to juggle, with careful planning and taking advantage of what little chances you find, a sufficient routine is entirely achievable.